Site Clinic Information

Minimum Number of Participants:  12

Location:  We come to you at your school!  If you can’t get access to your gym, there is a possibility that we could host you at Connecticut College.

Schedule:  9 AM to 3 PM (we can be flexible to accommodate specific needs)

Length:  1-4 days….you choose

Cost:  $65 per player per day

Our site clinics provide area high school teams the opportunity to train TOGETHER, AS A TEAM.  We emphasize three main areas of development through our program:  1)  Skill Development,  2)  Tactical Awareness,  3)  Team Building.  By focusing our curriculum on these three areas we are able to challenge our attendees to become better volleyball players while enhancing the overall growth of the team.  If your team is interested in working with us, please email Josh at: for more information and to set dates.

Sound Volleyball Club of Southeastern Connecticut